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 “To truly laugh, you must be able to 

 take your pain and play with it”  

 – Charlie Chaplin 

ACTING TO ME has always been a channel for healing therapeutic expression. I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and after some challenging experiences, I began to improvise and create different character scenarios  as a method to escape, which allowed me to discover the potential benefits of acting as a tool for self-growth and emotional consolation. I became obsessed with the science behind this, what is it about playing pretend that makes me feel more alive? What about acting makes me more in harmony with the deeper layers of my own humanity? I began to seek the answers by training as much as I could.  

MY TRAJECTORY ultimately led me to graduate from Boston University’s School of Theatre with a BFA in Acting and a musical theatre concentration, where I am the School of Theatre Prize recipient. I also studied extensively at various locations in Europe, including the London Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and the Prague Shakespeare Company. During the past few years, I have been able to collaborate on various film and stage productions, including The New Tenant, a short film that won the President’s Award at Emerson College and played at numerous festivals including the Hollywood Arab Film Festival, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, and the Festival del Cinema di Cefalù in Italy, Roses and Red Noses, a clown short that won Best Picture at the Redstone Film Festival and won awards at the Independent Shorts Awards in LA, Hamlet with the Oxford Shakespeare Company in Denmark, Incels & Other Myths at the Boston Playwrights Theatre, As You Like It  with the Actors Shakespeare Project,  the play Wild Goose Dreams directed by Seonjae Kim at Speakeasy Stage Company in Boston, the currently running production of The Band’s Visit  at the Huntington Theatre Company, and the soon to be released short film Shadow of the Sun.

I AM CONSTANTLY CURIOUS and on the hunt to better understand what it means to be human through the magic of play, and how that transformational process can potentially change the lives of those watching. Ultimately, whether through comedy or drama, classical or contemporary, film or theatre, I hope to use the masks of different characters and the lens of different stories as vessels to help audiences heal and in the process, give full expression to my inner child.


WHEN I'M NOT ACTING OR WRITING, you can find me somewhere in nature, hiking with friends. I also love to play squash, do yoga,  kickboxing, and Qigong. Most importantly, the beach is the fuel to my soul. I could spend the rest of my life watching sunrises and sunsets along the Mediterranean Sea. 

Awards/Latest News

Apr 17, 2024

Latest Role

Recently Completed Filming Guest Star Role on Amazon Prime's "The Terminal List: Dark Wolf"

Latest Role

Apr 11, 2024

Speakeasy Stage Thomas Derrah Emerging Artist Award

"Fady's pride and passion for his craft is apparent in the work he does, first performing in Wild Goose Dreams and then in The Band's Visit. His talent and dedication to the art shines, he lights up every room he enters, and is deeply supportive of those around him" - John Kuntz, Thomas Derrah, Paul Daigneault, David Beardsley

Speakeasy Stage Thomas Derrah Emerging Artist Award
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